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This is the latest statement from Cornwall  for Change that has gone live today 2/07/16. Your Kids Future Cornwall give our full support and encourage one and all to sign the petition.

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Our new e mail address is



Click on the PDF button and print the YOURKIDSFUTURECORNWALL advert that appeared in the West Briton, Cornish guardian and Cornishman. We would like as many people as possible to print the advert and put it up in local shops, Post offices etc please.

Dear Friend,

This is an opportunity for you to demand that we, as citizens of Cornwall, are treated fairly and given our just due by central Government. Please sign our petition by clicking the PDF link to the right.

Cornwall for Change represents the interests of over 70 town and parish councils who have expressed strong concern over the governance of Cornwall, where 25% of households are on the edge of poverty. In order for us to improve our financial situation Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly were due to receive £458m from the European Commission during the period 2014-2020. So far we’ve not had a penny, yet money has already been transferred from Brussels to London and is held by the Department of Communities andLocal Government (DCLG).

According to the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR), the South-East of England receives £5426 per capita of the spending from Government on infrastructure, compared to just £474 in the South-West. That’s a ratio of 11:1

Cornwall Council’s total debt in January 2015 (not including their pension fund deficit of £369m) was £826m and interest on this is being repaid at £58m per annum. This is clearly unsustainable and must be reduced as a matter of urgency.


We therefore propose the immediate transfer of all EU monies due to Cornwall, to be held by a trusted body such as the established charity Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF). The bulk of the capital should then be used to reduce Cornwall Council’s debt (and thus interest payments) with immediate effect. The Foundation may also be asked to establish an ‘evergreen’ fund from an agreed amount of the capital. This fund would invest in local businesses in such a way that the capital remains available for future generations.

A petition to respectfully demand the transfer of EU monies from DCLG has opened at and will close on the 20th July, before preparations for wider negotiations with the EU commence.

Please sign it and encourage your friends to sign it too, Cornwall depends on you.

Yours sincerely,

Cornwall for Change


A Change for Cornwall













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 YourKidsFutureCornwall is a group of dedicated people that are passionate about protecting Kernow from the developer's onslaught that it is currently seeing. We can't do it alone, we need the help and support of the peoples of Kernow.


Our media statement published on the 2nd/ 3rd March 2016


Are you concerned about any of the following issues?


Treliske - Finding yourself on a trolley at Treliske, with  
no hospital bed.
GP & dentist - Finding a GP practice close to home
and getting to see a doctor when you need to.
Kids - getting your children to a school of your choice.
Truly affordable homes - will your children find a
home they can afford?
Closures - public facilities like libraries and toilets
which have been neglected, sold off or simply
closed down.
Roads & traffic - increasingly congested and poorly
maintained roads.
Greenfield - continued loss of countryside, productive
farmland and Cornish distinctiveness.
Water & sewerage - sewage spills on beaches and in
towns, along with more frequent fooding issues.




We believe Cornwall Council is facilitating
ugly mass developments and ignoring the
problems these are creating.

A growing number of people feel that the
Council is letting us down by enabling completely
unrestricted population growth and second
homes, leading to thousands of additional
new cars on our already crowded roads and
permanent environmental, economic and cultural
If you think the developers have taken over
Cornwall, then you are not alone, but the Council
appears more than happy to ignore this totally
unsustainable, illogical, unwanted and destructive
development of our green fields and farmland,
to profit big business and central government
dogma. This development is not for most people
locally – many Cornish wages are not high
enough to enable them to get a mortgage.
What are your MPs saying and more
importantly, doing?

George Eustice, Sarah Newton, Steve Double,
Derek Thomas, Sheryll Murray, Scott Mann
Have you ever wondered what your
elected councillor and other officials are
doing about this?

Those making these decisions include council
leader John Pollard and his 122 fellow
councillors, and a number of unelected
offcials, including planning team members
Phil Mason, Chris Daly, Terry Grove-White and
Peter Bainbridge, as well as the government appointed
planning inspector Simon Emerson,
who recently imposed increasing the local
plan housing figure from 47,500 to 52,500 to
accommodate 5,000 extra second homes.


"We live in a developer-led world. We’re dependent upon developers coming in and saying they’re
going to build houses wherever they’ve bought land, or wherever they’ve contributed to land. That
doesn’t mean all developers are bad people. That doesn’t mean that all developments are wrong,
but what it does mean is that we are not in control of our own development."
Cornwall council ex-CEO Andrew Kerr (Aug-15)


There are many groups and individuals challenging this hyper-development agenda and its consequences. If you would like to add your voice to this opposition, or would like to play a more active part, offering valuable skills and expertise, then please:




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